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Welding Jackets

For a welder, a welding jacket is a crucial piece of protection. Not only does it have to protect well, it should also be comfortable any time of the day and year. It should not be too hot during Summer, and it should still provide enough protection against sparks and splatter. We tried to find the best compromise between protection and convenience. For that reason we offer different jackets, in different materials and models.

Leather provides the best protection against sparks and splatter, but can be heavier and warm. Flame retardant cotton can be a lighter and cooler solution, especially for jobs with less stress relief.

Welding Accessories

For certain jobs, you need specific protection. Welding hoods, sleeves, spats, all of these products still rely on decent construction and material. Based on the feedback of our community, we try to improve these products. That way our products keep changing and keep improving according the wishes and requirements of our clients.

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